Accreditation and Compliance

Accreditation is a process used to monitor and assess the quality of programs, practices, services, and overall effectiveness. Maintaining accreditation is critical for demonstrating the value of the education offered, as well as for ensuring financial aid eligibility, transferability of credit, and academic reputation.

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Assessment and Evaluation


Decision-making activities and policy formation efforts should be informed by a robust and comprehensive assessment process that clarifies, refines, and strengthens all levels of planning and program implementation.

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Proposal Development


Consultative and editorial support can significantly improve proposal quality for must-win procurements. Professional writing assistance can provide a proposal with a fresh approach for presenting a proposed framework and solutions.

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Curriculum and Program Planning


Curricula serve as the foundation of the educational experience. Institutions should ensure that the content of academic programs aligns with the overarching mission and is supported by sound learning outcomes that facilitate the development of learner skills and knowledge.

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Other Services


Institutions and organizations are faced with a high volume of tasks that necessitate continuous monitoring, as well as ongoing planning and reflection. These tasks frequently require time and effort that may not be available from existing staff. 

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