Accreditation and Compliance

Accreditation is a process used to monitor and assess the quality of programs, practices, services, and overall effectiveness. Maintaining accreditation is critical for demonstrating the value of the education offered, as well as for ensuring financial aid eligibility, transferability of credit, and academic reputation.

accredEdWrite has a wealth of experience in helping colleges and universities ensure compliance with regional, national, and specialized accreditation standards. We can provide guidance and support related to a wide variety of bodies/agencies, including regional accreditation (e.g., MSCHE, HLC, WASC, SACS, etc.), national accreditation (e.g., DETC, ACICS, etc.), and specialized accreditation (e.g., CCNA, ABET, AACSB, ACBSP, etc.).

Examples of our accreditation and compliance services include the following:

  • Developing institutional self-studies and self-evaluation reports.
  • Strategizing with institutions to rectify issues that resulted in warning, probation, or show cause.
  • Developing progress/monitoring reports that articulate improvements and modifications.
  • Helping craft responses to site visit reports and team reports.
  • Conducting simulation/mock visits that prepare faculty/staff for visiting accreditation teams.
  • Developing initial or renewal accreditation applications.
  • Preparing substantive change applications for program approval or modification.
  • Reviewing official documents, such as monitoring reports and progress updates, and making recommendations for document improvement.
  • Assisting with the interpretation of accreditation requirements and expectations.
  • Helping design systems and processes to comply with accreditation standards and criteria.
  • Advising on academic policy that fulfills accreditation needs.
  • Providing staff training related to the value, purpose, and expectations of accreditation.
  • Developing written materials that articulate programs and policies, such as catalogs, policy manuals, procedural handbooks, etc.

We can provide fully customizable solutions to resolve your unique institutional challenges. 

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