Assessment and Evaluation


Decision-making activities and policy formation efforts should be informed by a robust and comprehensive assessment process that clarifies, refines, and strengthens all levels of planning and program implementation.

assEdWrite has long worked with organizations to provide support in the development of effective assessment practices. Our assessment/evaluation experience includes guiding the evaluation of institutional effectiveness, as well as developing processes for the assessment of learning and performance. We can assist with crafting assessment/evaluation plans, goals/outcomes, and assessment measures/activities that form a systemic and formal process of continuous improvement. 

Examples of our assessment and evaluation services include the following:

  • Developing and/or refining assessment plans.
  • Reviewing the alignment of assessment plans, strategic plans, and budgeting processes.
  • Providing recommendations for the use of data to improve programs, practices, and services.
  • Conducting organizational/program reviews to identify strengths and challenges.
  • Reviewing and refining strategic objectives and performance measures to ensure measurability.
  • Developing implementation plans and timelines that demonstrate continuous improvement practices.
  • Providing recommendations for the use of data to improve programs, practices, and services.
  • Serving as an external program/project evaluator for grant-funded programs.
  • Conducting program evaluations to gather information and data on impact and implementation.
  • Serving as a third party (external) evaluator.
  • Designing evaluation plans in response to proposals and competitive criteria.
  • Providing training and technical assistance to build capacity in the area of assessment and evaluation.
  • Developing standards and guidelines for portfolio assessement and field-based learning.
  • Working with faculty to improve the quality of student learning assessment.
  • Developing tools for the assessment of trainings and workings.

We can help design evaluation systems and assessment processes that are feasible for your available resources.

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