Curriculum and Program Planning


Curricula serve as the foundation of the educational experience. Institutions should ensure that the content of academic programs aligns with the overarching mission and is supported by sound learning outcomes that facilitate the development of learner skills and knowledge.

ciriculumEdWrite has developed academic programs at all levels of instruction. We have skills in designing new programs and assessing existing programs to determine if the needs of learners are being met. We can guide your academic team in building programs that are founded upon clear and measurable outcomes and which align with the unique institutional mission.

Examples of our curriculum and program planning services include the following:

  • Developing degree programs and certificate programs that align with strategic initiatives and the institutional mission.
  • Mapping course objectives and curricula in ways that demonstrate the linkages and relevance of coursework to institutional-level and program-level learning outcomes.
  • Developing learning outcomes for a wide variety of programs and subject matter.
  • Developing plans and systems for ongoing academic program review.
  • Advising on program modifications with an emphasis on the requirements of accrediting bodies, licensure requirements, and other compliance mandates.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of existing programs and recommending modifications.
  • Analyzing curricula for flow, continuity, fidelity, and consistency.
  • Revising course descriptions for learner clarity and accuracy.
  • Developing master syllabi to guide course content.
  • Preparing program assessment plans for the assessment of student learning.
  • Revising or creating manuals, handbooks, forms, templates, and program materials that clearly detail program-related procedures, policies, and protocols. 

We can help strengthen your academic programs to better ensure fulfillment of the institutional mission.

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