Other Services


Institutions and organizations are faced with a high volume of tasks that necessitate continuous monitoring, as well as ongoing planning and reflection. These tasks frequently require time and effort that may not be available from existing staff. 

Working as a partner, EdWrite can provide significant support for a wide variety of projects. Examples of projects where we can assist include the following:

  • Revising organizational handbooks, manuals, and documents.
  • Creating project timelines and implementation plans.
  • Writing documents, reports, and proposals on targeted topics.
  • Designing and facilitating workshops, conferences, and courses in support of organizational needs and priorities.
  • Designing and facilitating brainstorming processes that result in articulation of a shared vision.
  • Leading strategic planning processes to determine goals and objectives that align with missions and visions.
  • Facilitating meetings, forums, and multi-constituency discussiond on targeted topics.
  • Assisting organizations, programs, and individuals with goal-setting.
  • Reviewing and/or restructuring academic catalogs.
  • Creating comprehensive manuals of existing trainings, which formalize programs and curricula.
  • Preparing and/or reviewing resumes and vitas based on personal career goals.

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